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Experienced and Innovative Tool Design Services - Meeting Complex Requirements

CCI uses AutoCAD and other advanced software tools to craft our tool designs and address the ever shrinking lead times and pressures of global competition.

CCI's specialty is progressive die design, and have extensive experience with compound dies, draw dies, secondary dies, fixtures, fourslide and multislide tools.

CCI keeps your cost down, your project on time, and stringent quality control.

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assemblyImprove Overall Project Value With ZERO Defects

Assembly quality can only be as good as the assembly process. CCI provides an engineered solution, required to ensure 100% defect free parts in the assembly process.

Our knowledge and experience with precise dimension and part complexity allows CCI to apply the right assembly solution. We add poke-yokes to the assembly process to ensure you receive only 100% defect free parts.

Count on CCI to meet your due date and product launch.

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A Complete Suite of Welding Machines to BEST Suit Your Needs

Our engineering staff can assist in determining the best welding process to will help control costs and provide you with speed to market.

To meet our high quality standards for your solution, CCI takes the opportunity to inspect each project for any defects during the welding process. If a defect is found, the part is immediately quarantined. This ensures you get 100% defect free parts.

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Fourslide Allows for Lower Tooling and Piece Price and Shorter Lead Time

At CCI we understand slide forming tools are an extension of the machine so we design and build or our tools. This unique capability reduces tooling cost and helps us meet your most critical deadlines.

With our expertise at niche process such as slide forming, we have the machines, know how to run them and can provide a better solution to other underperforming suppliers.

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Design, Development and Manufacturing of Wireforms in a Very Short Time

At CCI, we offer CNC wire forming and slideforming capabilities to make wire parts.

When you need to "fit" a wire form to a particular application, CCI can use production tools and process to develop your part. With our CNC controlled machines, different part iterations are easy and fast. Once you are satisfied with the part shape we can also reverse engineer the part and create a 3D model.

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Precision Metal Forming to Tight Tolerances

Staying competitive in the marketplace is dependant on your ability to be innovative, responsive and change on the fly. Progressive stamping is the key metal forming technology that will allow you to make quick changes, keep your project on target and meet critical deadlines.

CCI has over 50 years experience in automotive, agriculture, building products, heavy equipment, recreational vehicles, lawn and garden, military and plumbing industries.

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design 2 Not everything will go according to plan. It's Murphy's Law. When you are short on time, need to make critical, last minute changes or simply have a new technology. For more about our solutions, click here.


wform4 Parts may look good on paper but fall apart in production. Working with CCI can help you determine the feasibility of a proposed part and develop a final design. For more about our manufacturing, click here.


service-1 CCI is the expert in engineering solutions and customer service. Our customers value our outstanding support and attention to detail. For more about our 2nd to none customer service, click here.


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