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cci-historyEstelle C. Dul formed Clips & Clamps in 1954 in Detroit as a metal stamping supplier to the automotive industry.  As a young woman of 17 she began working various jobs primarily at manufacturing companies after completing her education at the Detroit College of Business in a bookkeeping and secretarial program.  Some years later her father gave her a small loan that  she used to become a partner in several manufacturing companies including Transmission and Gear of Detroit.  In 1945, prior to her marriage to Alexander, she purchased Collord Corporation, a metal stamping company which held patents in neoprene coatings.  In an effort to expand her business and concentrate specifically on metal forming Estelle established another company which today still stands strong as Clips & Clamps Industries.

Her husband, Alexander S. Dul, a builder by trade, built the original facility used by Clips & Clamps on Fitzpatrick Street in Detroit.  Over time, Clips & Clamps purchased and annexed two other buildings adjacent to it as its needs expanded.  In the early 1980’s, Estelle sold the business to her two daughters, Kathleen and Sandy.  Kathleen began working in the business full time in 1982.   In 1985, as the company expanded, the operations were moved to a new 25,000 sq. ft. building on Keel Street in Plymouth.  Michael Aznavorian, Kathleen’s husband, left his position of Engine Design and Development at Ford Motor Company to join the firm in that year and was responsible for coordinating the move and eventually took over as General Manager.

The company has greatly enhanced its Engineering, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, and Information Technology Capabilities over the years.  Today the company is capable of in house Product Design, Tooling Design, Gage Design, Tooling Build, Gage Build, Progressive Die Stamping, Compound Die Stamping, Strip and Wire Slideforming. CNC Wire Forming, Resistance Welding, Robotic MIG Welding, Automated Assembly and Packaging.

The company is still owned and operated by Kathleen Aznavorian, Michael Aznavorian and Sandy Mily.  Michael and Kathleen’s son, Jeffrey Aznavorian, is the current Vice President General Manager and Chief Operating Officer.

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