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What is a slide forming machine?

The basic slide forming machine consists of a feed unit, material grip, cutter and four tool holding slides each at right angles to adjacent slides. Each slide moves linearly towards the center forming post. The first machines made simple wire formed parts and then the machines were adapted to make simple parts made from strip metal. Complex strip metal parts could be made once a press unit was added to the basic machine.

Is a Fourslide and a Multislide the same machine?

Sometimes the words fourslide and multislide are used interchangeably however this is incorrect. The multislide and fourslide machines are similar, however the multislide is more easily configured to control a part's burr direction. Burr direction can be critical when assembling tightly toleranced. The multislide’s flexibility comes at the cost of increased set up time making it ideal for medium and high volume jobs or highly complex jobs that require the use of the multislide’s versatility to meet a part’s requirements. Fourslides are less complex and ideal for small and medium volume jobs, wire forms and less intricate strip metal parts.

What wire diameters can you process?

We can process up to 4mm diameter spring wire and up to 10mm diameter basic wire. CCI is tooled for many common wire sizes including 0.187 inch and 0.250 inch. Call us to see how we can use our common tools to eliminate your tooling costs.

I have a wireform application and need help to solve my problem, how can you help?

We will make a few samples in advance of you bringing your application to our headquarters. Once you arrive we'll will make various iterations of your part until you are satisfied with the fit and function of the part. This usually takes only and hour or so. The part will then go through the reverse engineering process and a solid model will be provided.

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