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As we mention in our Mission Statement, CCI provides our customers with our value added business approach and our "IN House" capabilities are second to none! The core and strength of our business will be outlined below. Simply Click on any feature that frx04interests you and read about it.

  • Stamping - Precision Metal Forming To Tight Tolerances
  • Wire Forming - Design, Development & Manufacturing Of Wireforms
  • Fourslide Or Slide Forming - Allows For Lower Tooling, Piece Price & Shorter Lead Time
  • Welding - A Complete Suite Of Welding Machines To Best Suit Your Needs
  • Assembly - Strict Controls To Ensure Correct Parts Mating Every Time
  • Tooling - Experienced & Innovative Tool Designs - Meeting Complex Requirements.

If you have questions about any of these core business features, feel free to contact CCI Today!

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