Stamping - Precision Metal Forming to Tight Tolerances


As your expert in progressive stamping, CCI will help you:

•Increase productivity and realize a significant cost reduction for high volume production.

•Save time and money by combining forming operations.

•Turn your stamping concept into reality in less time than the competition.

Progressive stamping offers the ability to hold tighter tolerances compared to similar processes and allows for more complicated part design. Our progressive tooling can perform operations such as in-die staking, in-die tapping and other once considered secondary out of tool processes. We excel at inserting secondary metals into the primary strip. We utilize an in-tool sensing program to monitor part quality, reduce tool repair cost and ensure on time delivery. Our state of the art presses ranging from 32 to 300 tons can stamp today's most high tech metal alloys.



Wire Forming - Design, Development and Manufacturing of Wireforms


At CCI, we offer Wire Forming Technologies. Wire forming is the metal forming technology that will allow you to make quick changes, keep your project on target and meet critical deadlines.

As your expert in wire forming, CCI will help you:

  • •Have versatility and flexibility in part complexity.

  • •Produce virtually any shape that your project requires.

  • •Get consistent quality.

  • •Keep your costs low. Most projects require zero tool investment.

  • •Produce quick prototypes with no costly tooling investment.

  • •Control your inventory costs with short production lead times.

CNC Wire Forming - CNC machines use a computer program to control various machine motions that bend wire. CNC wire forming is best suited to small and mid volume multiplane parts with minimal to zero tooling costs. Sample prototypes can be made in a matter of days. Configuration changes can be made to parts much easier when compared to "hard tooled" solutions. Our machines are capable of making some of your most difficult part configurations in wire diameters from 2.0 mm to 10.0 mm.

Fourslide or Slide Forming -Allows For Lower Tooling, Piece Price & Shorter Lead Time


At CCI we understand slide forming (or Fourslide) tools are an extension of the machine so we design and build or our tools. This unique capability reduces tooling cost and helps us meet your most critical deadlines.

As your expert in slide forming, CCI will help you:

  • •Save money on raw materials.
  • •Keep your tooling costs low.
  • •Achieve complex bends and multiple bends in opposite directions.
  • •Achieve flexibility allowing for complex parts to be produced faster and more efficiently.
  • •Meet critical assembly requirements with controlled burr direction.

Slide Forming – Mechanical machines utilizing cams and slides to form wire around a center post. Slideforming machines are best suited for single plane mid to high volume parts. Tooling for these machines is relatively simple allowing for last minute changes and keeping overall tool costs low. Our machines can form wire diameters in the range from 2.0 mm to 6.35 mm.

Welding - A Complete Suite of Welding Machines to BEST Suit Your Needs


Our engineering staff can assist in determining the best welding process to will help control costs and provide you with speed to market.

As your welding expert, CCI will help you:

•Produce fast, high quality welds.

•Save money with higher production rates when compared to other joining processes.

•Join a wide variety of metals and alloys. Automate the welding process.

•Maximize part quality with in line Poka-Yokes.

We offer several types of welding services:

•Resistance Spot and Projection Welding - This is ideal for fast and repeatable welds with simple and low cost fixtures. This process is ideal for customers requiring nuts welded to stampings.

•MIG Welding – The process used when the part configuration does not allow for resistance welding. Our robot can weld one station while the operator loads the other. This increases robot uptime and saves you money.

To meet our high quality standards for your solution, CCI takes the opportunity to inspect each project for any defects during the welding process. If a defect is found, the part is immediately quarantined. This ensures you get 100% defect free parts.

Assembly - Strict Controls to Ensure Correct Parts Mating Every Time


Assembly quality can only be as good as the assembly process. CCI provides an engineered solution, required to ensure 100% defect free parts in the assembly process.

Count on CCI to meet your due date and product launch with the support of the following list of capabilities:



•Robotic Mig Welding

•Resistance Welding


•Other Miscellaneous Fabrication & Assembly

Our knowledge and experience with precise dimension and part complexity allows CCI to apply the right assembly solution. We add poke-yokes to the assembly process to ensure you receive only 100% defect free parts.

Count on CCI to meet your due date and product launch.

Tooling - Experienced and Innovative Tool Design Services - Meeting Complex Requirements

tooling 2

CCI uses AutoCAD and other advanced software tools to craft our tool designs and address the ever shrinking lead times and pressures of global competition.

CCI's specialty is progressive die design, and have extensive experience with compound dies, draw dies, secondary dies, fixtures, fourslide and multislide tools.

CCI keeps your cost down, your project on time, and stringent quality control. We design, build and service our own tools and guages, then store them on-site, ready for your next order.








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