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slide-formingAt CCI we understand slideforming tools are an extension of the machine so we design and build or our tools. This unique capability reduces tooling cost and helps us meet your most critical deadlines.

As your expert in slideforming, CCI will help you:

  • •Save money on raw materials.
  • •Keep your tooling costs low.
  • •Achieve complex bends and multiple bends in opposite directions.
  • •Achieve flexibility allowing for complex parts to be produced faster and more efficiently.
  • •Meet critical assembly requirements with controlled burr direction.

Slideforming – Mechanical machines utilizing cams and slides to form wire around a center post. Slideforming machines are best suited for single plane mid to high volume parts. Tooling for these machines is relatively simple allowing for last minute changes and keeping overall tool costs low. Our machines can form wire diameters in the range from 2.0 mm to 6.35 mm.


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Fourslide | Slide Forming Video

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