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weldingOur engineering staff can assist in determining the best welding process to will help control costs and provide you with speed to market.

As your welding expert, CCI will help you:

•Produce fast, high quality welds.

•Save money with higher production rates when compared to other joining processes.

•Join a wide variety of metals and alloys. Automate the welding process.

•Maximize part quality with in line Poka-Yokes.

We offer several types of welding services:

•Resistance Spot and Projection Welding - This is ideal for fast and repeatable welds with simple and low cost fixtures. This process is ideal for customers requiring nuts welded to stampings.

•MIG Welding – The process used when the part configuration does not allow for resistance welding. Our robot can weld one station while the operator loads the other. This increases robot uptime and saves you money.

To meet our high quality standards for your solution, CCI takes the opportunity to inspect each project for any defects during the welding process. If a defect is found, the part is immediately quarantined. This ensures you get 100% defect free parts.



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