Wire Forming - Design, Development and Manufacturing of Wireforms


At CCI, we offer Wire Forming Technologies. Wire forming is the metal forming technology that will allow you to make quick changes, keep your project on target and meet critical deadlines.

As your expert in wire forming, CCI will help you:

  • •Have versatility and flexibility in part complexity.

  • •Produce virtually any shape that your project requires.

  • •Get consistent quality.

  • •Keep your costs low. Most projects require zero tool investment.

  • •Produce quick prototypes with no costly tooling investment.

  • •Control your inventory costs with short production lead times.

CNC Wire Forming - CNC machines use a computer program to control various machine motions that bend wire. CNC wire forming is best suited to small and mid volume multiplane parts with minimal to zero tooling costs. Sample prototypes can be made in a matter of days. Configuration changes can be made to parts much easier when compared to "hard tooled" solutions. Our machines are capable of making some of your most difficult part configurations in wire diameters from 2.0 mm to 10.0 mm.


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