Engineering Solutions

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Parts may look functional on paper but can be costly or not feasible to produce. Working with CCI can help you determine part feasibility and develop a final design. By using tools such as finite element analysis and CATIA software, our engineers can determine critical design criteria parameters and solve them before releasing the product design.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations, keep your manufacturing costs low, provide fast and accurate solutions, improve your speed to market and ensure you are 100% satisfied.


Emergency Solutions


We know that not everything will go according to plan. It's Murphy's Law. When time is short, and you need to make critical, last minute changes or simply have a new technology that you want to implement quickly - we have a crisis team that is available 24/7.

Even a small problem with a part can still cost big money. A consultation may be the most cost-effective way to quickly get your company running smoothly again. CCI’s team of technical application specialists can conduct root-cause analysis of your problem and presents options to correct the situation.

At CCI, time is money and your bottom line is important to us. We're familiar with the critical path milestones that need to happen and are confident that we can get your job done on time and on budget.

Please call us today at (734) 455-0880 and ask for the appropriate sales and engineering contact to support your needs.

Today's Solutions

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Here at Clips & Clamps Industries, we are dedicated to customer-focused lean manufacturing. Our employees are trained to use this cost reduction process. CCI specializes in analyzing your application needs and turning new ideas into engineered new products and services offering added value to your supply chain.

Clips & Clamps is always looking for the next challenge. With an engineering driven sales team, CCI has a proven track record for VA/VE cost save solutions. Please send us your opportunities, we look forward to the next customer visit and the next new success story!





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